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 Skills, Qualifications and Jobs in the EU: The Making of a Perfect Match     AB’de Beceriler, Yeterlilikler ve İşler: Kusursuz Eşleşme Mümkün Mü?   The Role of Employment Service Providers   İstihdam Hizmet Sağlayıcıların Rolü


 European Guidelines for Validating Non-formal and Informal Learning     Good for Youth Good for Business   New Forms Of Employment   Yeni İstihdam Türleri


 Unleashing Young People’s Creativity And Innovations     Upskilling Unemployed Adults (Aged 25 To 64): The Organisation, Profiling And Targeting of Training Provision    European Classification of Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations   Ready to Make the Move?


 Terminology of European Education and Training Policy     Piloting a European Employer Survey on Skill Needs   Ensuring the Quality of Certification in Vocational Education and Training   Glossary / Quality in Education and Training


 Guidelines for Policies and Systems Development for Lifelong Guidance     Making Better Vocational Qualifications   The Role of Modularisation and Unitisation in Vocational Education and Training   Europass Logo Kullanım Rehberi
Who Trains in Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises   Skill Shortages and Gaps in European Enterprises    Tackling Unemployment While Addressing Skill Mismatch    





Education And Youth Labour Market Outcomes: The Added Value Of VET    The Future of Jobs / Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution     Evaluation of the EU Youth Strategy and the Council Recommendation on the Mobility of Young Volunteers Across the EU   Languages and Employability


School-to-Work Transition of Young Individuals: What Can The ELET and NEET Indicators Tell Us?    EU Youth Report 2015     Europass Avrupa Komisyonu Raporu 2013   Europass Kararı

Europass 2012 Değerlendirme Raporu            





 Skills Set and Match / No.6     Skills Set and Match / No.7   Europass Magazine 1   Europass Magazine 2


 Europass Magazine 3     Europass Magazine 4   Europass Magazine 5   Europass Magazine 6


 Europass Magazine 7     Europass Magazine 8   Europass Magazine 9    




Connect with Europass   Success with Europass    Europass ile Başarı     


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